The ultimate vintage sounding tube guitar amps

Based on the legendary sound of the vintage Marshall 'plexi' amplifiers of the 60's, and hand built according to the original production method without any compromizes in regards to components authenticity and quality, Luciano Amps brings the high-end in reaching the ultimate vintage sound in the world of guitar amplification.

The essentials of the Marshall JTM45 and 1959 Super Lead Plexi with their unmistakable character and unparalleled sound quality available at any volume level. Features such as (foot)switchable drive/lead channels and effects routing capabilities have been added for maximum flexibility, and tone voicing to meet your personal taste and demands.

Luciano Amps delivers the ultimate vintage sounding amp with the versatility of todays high-end boutique guitar amps.

Custom Amplification

Each guitarist, like yourself, is unique in many ways. And because your guitar amp plays a huge role within the process of your unique musical creativity, it is very important that you have that amp that fits you as good as possible in terms of sound, features and flexibility.
At Luciano Amps, we listen to your desires and personal taste, and offer the ability to convert that into the required electronical modifications so that your amp is fully personalized. We can do so, because we are highly demanding guitarists ourselves. Plus, based on electronics engineering qualification and skills, we have the background and tube amplifier experience to integrate these two worlds, to your advantage.

Our amp, your sound!